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Health Services (SH) Group

SH Executive meeting #3

Victoria, May 10th, 2013

Summary of the minutes

Welcome by the President, Joanne Bouchard
Approval of the Agenda
Approval of the minutes from previous executive meeting
Business arising from previous meetings:

  • Legal opinion on regional rates of pay
  • WFA update
  • Update on the Ste-Anne's Hospital situation & steward liberation
  • Joint Institute/Treasury Board Career Development Committee update
  • SH Bargaining Team/Communication Team updates
  • 2012 Budget
  • CSC psychologist PS retention and recruitment study
  • Timeline for 2014 SH Group elections
  • SH resolution for PIPSC AGM (family/union life balance)

New Business

  • National Training standards for PS
  • Centralized Treasurer
  • The sick leave attack
  • Delegate selection for PIPSC AGM 2013
  • Review of the 2013 SH AGM Agenda
  • DND Occupational Health Standard

New Stewards appointments
Officers Reports

  • President's report/Advisory Council
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Membership/Rand
  • By-Laws
  • Consultation
  • Communications
  • Stewards
  • NU-EMA's
  • Sub-Groups
  • Elections
  • Orientation

Other Business & Round Table
Date of next SH Executive meeting, Sept. 14th, 2013

Publish Date: 22-MAY-2013 11:42 AM
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