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PIPSC Officially Welcomes the Thunder Bay Radiation Therapists into the fold

We are pleased to announce that the Ontario Labour Relations Board, after a very long delay, has confirmed that the Thunder Bay Radiation Therapists Group will remain with PIPSC. Shortly after joining PIPSC in late 2003, the Group had been targeted by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), who applied to the OLRB to take over bargaining rights from PIPSC. The application was based on OPSEU’s claim that when the Radiation Therapists ceased to be employed by Cancer Care Ontario and were absorbed by the Thunder Bay Hospital, they should have been amalgamated into the OPSEU Paramedical Bargaining Unit at the Hospital. In the end, however, the OLRB ruled that there was no compelling reason to make a change, since there were no labour relations problems, the employer was supportive of the continuation of the PIPSC unit, and the employees had made known that they wished to be represented by PIPSC.

Preparations for bargaining are under way. We hope to begin negotiations early in the new year. Thanks to all of the Thunder Bay RT Group members for their patience, and to the Executive (Tracey Hill, John Costa and Isaac Tavares) for their support.

Publish Date: 13-DEC-2007 03:42 PM