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Yukon Hospital Corporation Group (YHC)

WGH Group

17 January 2011

On 3 December 2010 a Call for Nominations for PIPSC WGH Group Executive positions of Vice President and Secretary were mailed out to each WGH Group member as well as posted on the PIPSC website and the on-site bulletin board.

At the close of the business day, 14 January 2011, the election committee received the following nominations for each of the two available WGH Group Executive positions:

Vice President: Wanda Aschacher

Secretary: no nomination received

As no other nominations were received, be it declared that Wanda Aschacher has been elected by acclamation to the position of WGH Group Vice President.

Be it further declared that, as no nominations were received for the position of Secretary, a WGH Group member will be appointed by the Executive, in accordance with Article 8.4 of the WGH Group Constitution and Bylaws.

The WGH Group Election Committee:
Brenda Mattson
Jennifer King

Publish Date: 08-FEB-2011 11:20 AM
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