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Yukon Hospital Corporation Group (YHC)

Collective Bargaining Survey - 2013

Your Collective Agreement will be expiring at the end of January 2014, and both PIPSC and the Employer are determined to do everything possible expedite its renewal. As such, we have agreed to meet at intervals throughout the Fall, beginning in September.

We need your input!

The Collective Agreement is a living document, changing and evolving with each round of bargaining. It is your document, describing your terms and conditions of employment. The YHC Employer is bound by this contract, and having agreed to it, they must apply it. Collective Agreements, however, are products of compromise between the Union and the Employer, and can always be improved. Hence, these Agreements have expiry dates and are subject to renewal as a result of further bargaining. Not every round of bargaining leads to major improvements, but every round of bargaining produces certain changes.

Your ideas are important in this process. We need to know your experiences, as well as the changes and improvements you would like to see in your Agreement.

We strongly encourage you to complete the electronic survey. Please activate your questionnaire promptly by clicking on the following link.

Deadline for completion of survey is August 9, 2013.

Only YHC Group members can access the survey, which will be done via your membership number. NOTE that your membership number is only used to facilitate access to the survey. ONCE YOU HAVE ENTERED THE SURVEY, YOUR RESPONSES ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND CANNOT BE ATTRIBUTED TO YOU.

Your Group Executive has decided to offer a number of small gifts by way of encouraging member participation in the survey. As your membership number is required to access the survey, the membership numbers of those who have completed the survey will be entered for a series of random draws. If you do not wish to participate in these draws, please advise the PIPSC Negotiations Section by sending an e-mail to the Negotiator or the Administrative Assistant, who will ensure that your membership number is not entered in the draw.

Thank you for your support. Your Bargaining Team will work diligently to ensure that the renewed Collective Agreement reflects your input.

Let’s all work to become Better Together!

In Solidarity

YHC Group Executive

Publish Date: 18-JUL-2013 03:14 PM
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