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Public science: PIPSC members are ready for action on innovation

On September 2, 2016 the Institute submitted a detailed brief to “Canada’s Innovation Agenda”, the government’s online consultation with Canadians on ways to improve the country’s innovation performance. PIPSC focused its contribution on the field of Global Science Excellence, and raised a number of important points in its submission:

  • Canada's economy has been left wanting for innovation. The recent change in government has provided a critical opportunity to reverse this trend. The Government of Canada has signalled that basic research and innovation will become a prime focus of the government’s agenda.
  • Canada's public service researchers and scientists are ready to contribute their talent and energy to making the government’s innovation agenda happen.
  • Only public service scientists fuse expertise, vision, and accountability so well, and so routinely. They work in concert with other intellectual sectors, and they also lead in their own right.
  • Federal researchers have experienced increased challenges stemming from both deliberate and incidental neglect. The result has been a much-diminished capacity for public service research to support the government's innovation file.
  • We need a truly strategic, Canadian approach to government research and innovation. But the approach needs to take some risks, and the people with the best capacity for managing those risks include Canada's public service researchers. We can contribute to developing a bold made-in-Canada vision for federal research in which public service researchers and science staff are vital links in Canada’s innovation chain.

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Publish Date: 16-SEP-2016 02:59 PM