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First Signs of Improved Labour Relations

In correspondence dated January 21, 2016, the Treasury Board advised federal public sector unions that it intended on making the repeal of Division 20 of Bill C-59 one of its first orders of business. The Treasury Board also confirmed that, in the meantime, the Government would not exercise the powers contained in that legislation to unilaterally implement a disability and sick leave management system.

The Government also informed bargaining agents that it intends to engage in consultation with public sector partners to revisit legislative provisions introduced through Bill C-4.

As a result of the Government’s clear commitment in relation to C-59, the Institute and its co-applicants in the C-59 Charter challenge and injunction motion have agreed to adjourn the hearing of the injunction motion indefinitely and to place the substantive case relating to the constitutionality of Division 20 of C-59 in abeyance pending such time as the offending legislation has been repealed.

We are still considering the impact of the Government’s commitments in relation to Bill C-4 on the constitutional challenge to that legislation.

Publish Date: 22-JAN-2016 03:03 PM
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