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CRA Issues

PSTAR grievance update
Publish Date: 13-MAR-2019 10:23 AM
In the PSTAR Grievances, FPSLREB File Nos. 566.34.9832 & 9833 (Myles& Alcock), PIPSC recently finished its final arguments in support of our members.  
CRA Pension Litigation Update #3
Publish Date: 05-FEB-2019 02:52 PM
We are aware that many of you have recently received a response from the employer dismissing the grievances that were filed relating to your pension transfer from the Ontario Public Service. 
Decision - PIPSC v CRA
Publish Date: 01-SEP-2016 11:28 AM
On September 13, 2013, the Institute filed a policy grievance in relation to a Collective Bargaining Bulletin issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) related to article 17.21. 
CRA -The Matter of Christine Fehr
Publish Date: 01-APR-2016 01:54 PM
The matter of Christine Fehr, concerning leave entitlements for PIPSC members in the AFS Group who had previously used leave under CRA-PSAC collective agreement within the same fiscal year, is scheduled to be heard before the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board in Ottawa, on April 5th and 6th. 
CRA Pension Litigation Update #2
Publish Date: 04-FEB-2016 11:43 AM
As previously reported, The Institute along with the Public Service Alliance of Canada have filed a class action in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against the Canada Revenue Agency in relation to the transfer of Employees from the Ontario Ministry of Revenue to the Canada Revenue Agency. 
CRA Pension Transfer Litigation Update
Publish Date: 19-NOV-2015 08:40 AM
The Institute has filed, along with the Public Service Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) a class action in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. 
CRA Personal Leave Grievances - Update
Publish Date: 20-OCT-2015 09:43 AM
This case involves an appeal of a Federal Court decision that quashed an order made by a labour adjudicator regarding the right of a member of PIPSC to request a personal day off as per article 17.21 of the Collective Agreement.