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PIPSC Welcomes CUPE’s Participation in Legal Proceedings against the Government of New Brunswick's attack on workers' pensions

Ottawa, June 9, 2016 – Today , the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) served the province of New Brunswick with a Notice of Motion to intervene in the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada’s (PIPSC) legal action against the Government of New Brunswick’s attack on workers’ pensions.

“We welcome our CUPE colleagues as they join our case,” said PIPSC President Debi Daviau. “This is a great day for every New Brunswick worker who hopes to retire in dignity. It's a great day for defending the rule of law and respect for our country's constitution. And it's a great day for solidarity among unions.”

Earlier this year, the Institute launched a constitutional challenge against the government of New Brunswick's conversion of the province's Public Service Pension Plan from a Defined Benefit Plan to a Shared Risk Plan.

The Institute has grown increasingly concerned with the security, affordability, transparency and equity of the Shared Risk Plan. The previous provincial government that brought in these changes had warned that the previous system was broken, was in a deficit situation and was too expensive. All these claims are incorrect and PIPSC is deeply disappointed that a new provincial government did not look at the facts objectively and make the right decision. The Institute had forwarded positive proposals for the government to protect workers' retirement security and ensure its financial health at the same time.

“Together with CUPE, we will not only ensure respect for the constitution, but also get results for New Brunswick workers who work hard, serve their fellow citizens and deserve to retire in dignity, ” concluded Daviau.

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada represents some 55,000 scientists and other professionals across Canada’s public sector, including hundreds of highly skilled professional employees working for the Government of New Brunswick, such as Agrologists, Agronomists, Architects, Crown Counsel, Crown Prosecutors, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Legal Aid Lawyers and Veterinarians.

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For further information: Pierre Villon (613) 228-6310 ext 4928 (office) or (613) 794-9369 (cell.)


Publish Date: 09-JUN-2016 03:30 PM
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