Retirement Planning Webcast

Retirement Planning Webcast

As part of its continued commitment to inform, educate, and provide value-added services to our membership, the Institute is pleased to present another chapter in the Learning and Information Web cast modules.

In years past, the Institute hosted Retirement Planning seminars in larger cities across the country. Although this was of great benefit to many, geographic, time and expense limitations have prevented further outreach to smaller cities and communities.

Now, regardless of geographic location, time zone, or hours of work, all members can access at their leisure the Retirement Planning Seminar, in a cost-effective manner for the Institute.

Get your pad, pen, popcorn and favorite beverage ready, and be prepared to be informed with our Web cast of the Retirement Planning Seminar.

Good luck in planning your retirement.

Publish Date: 07-MAR-2012 08:47 AM

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