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International Open Letter to Save Canadian Science

PIPSC has been working alongside other unions, advocacy groups and media to promote the importance of government science through research projects and public awareness. These campaigns have brought the concerns of federal scientists to the attention of Canadians and Members of Parliament. Scientists around the globe who recognize the importance of international collaboration in addressing global issues are rallying to support Canadian science.

The U.S.-based Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is offering its support by encouraging scientists from outside Canada to sign an Open Letter calling on the Canadian government to reduce restrictions on funding and communication that prevent Canadian government scientists from collaborating internationally.

We ask you to contact your international colleagues and encourage them to support Canadian science by signing on to the Open Letter for Canadian Leadership in Science.

To sign the letter, please visit:

To read the UCS blog posting, please visit:

An Open Letter for Canadian Leadership in Science

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

As scientists outside of Canada committed to international cooperation in confronting threats to the planet and human health, we urge you to remove excessive and burdensome restrictions and barriers to scientific communication and collaboration faced by Canadian government scientists.

Meeting today’s complex environmental and public health challenges requires the full participation of scientists around the globe. But recent reports (i, ii, iii) highlight a rapid decline in freedoms and funding extended to Canadian government scientists, which make it more difficult for them to continue research, communicate scientific information and expertise, and collaborate internationally.

A recent New York Times editorial, referencing the rapid development of the Alberta oil sands, went so far as to describe new communications restrictions on government scientists as “an attempt to guarantee public ignorance.”

Canada’s leadership in basic research, environmental, health, and other public science is in jeopardy. We urge you to restore government science funding and the freedom and opportunities to communicate these findings internationally.

Signed by,


(i) The Big Chill: Silencing Public Interest Science, A Survey. 2013. The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. Available online at

(ii) Vanishing Science: The Disappearance of Canadian Public Interest Science. 2014. The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. Available online at


Publish Date: 17-FEB-2014 01:44 PM