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Message from Vice-President Bittman: Shared Services Canada

Fellow members,

We have received numerous e-mails from our stewards and members advising us of advertised positions for CS’s at the newly created Shared Services Canada (SSC), for both external staffing actions, and internal processes that are open only to CS’s at Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

For your information, we have already written a letter to the President of the Public Service Commission, Maria Barrados to voice our concerns and request a meeting.

The Institute’s position is that there should be a moratorium on staffing at SSC, until such time as the newly created department has the opportunity to consider all of the employees in the 44 impacted departments and agencies. Furthermore, any staffing actions should be open to all of our members in any of the affected departments and agencies.

We are particularly offended that SSC has posted external staffing positions. Many of our members already fear the loss of their jobs as a result of the Strategic and Operating Review process, in which the government is forecasting $11B in savings by 2015. To date, 45 of our CS members at Environment Canada have been affected under the Work Force Adjustment (WFA) provisions of the Collective Agreements and may soon be declared surplus. Despite this, the new Shared Services Canada was looking to swell the ranks with external postings for CS positions, until our members and stewards made their voices heard.

The Institute’s position is that properly managed, the government has the opportunity to substantially reduce its reliance on IT contractors, which currently accounts for approximately 30% of IT Services.

Should you become aware of any staffing actions which you find objectionable, please contact me as soon as possible so that the Institute may take the appropriate action.

In solidarity

Shannon Bittman,
Staffing & Shared Services Portfolio

Publish Date: 30-AUG-2011 04:56 PM