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Another Victorious Step in the Institute’s Quest for Whistleblower Protection

Protection for employees who disclose wrongdoing is one step closer to becoming law. Bill C-11, Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, passed third reading in the House of Commons on October 4, 2005. It is now on its way to the Senate to follow the same process.

The Professional Institute has called for effective whistleblower protection for the past 15 years. The Institute is very pleased that calls for the creation of an independent third party to hear disclosures of wrongdoing have been heard. Bill C-11 was amended to create an independent body accountable to Parliament, as is the case of the Auditor General.

A survey conducted in 2004 by the Professional Institute revealed that public service employees indicated having limited hope that the proposed legislation would help improve standards of values and ethics, expose wrongdoing in the public service or increase respect for the public service among Canadians. One of the key recommendations of the respondents (conducted during in-person consultations) was the appointment of an independent external body, that reports directly to Parliament to hear ethical concerns and to receive, advise and investigate disclosures.

The bill which was unanimously accepted by members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates was also amended to include employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Institute is currently preparing its submission for appearance before the Senate committee that will be mandated to hear witnesses and review the proposed legislation.


Publish Date: 03-MAY-2006 09:54 AM