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Public Service Cuts

Public Service Cuts

This is a critical time for Canada’s professional public service and for all Canadians.

Since its election, the Conservative government has wasted no time in imposing staff cuts on federal departments and agencies.

We will be meeting with the Treasury Board President, Tony Clement. We will let him know that professional public service employees are extremely concerned with this government's hasty approach to achieve billions of dollars in savings with annual budget cuts. We want to give him a real understanding of the impact that these budget, staff and program cuts will have on all Canadians.

We are working closely with our stewards to gather as much data as possible, and as quickly as possible, about potential cuts to the Public Service. By keeping our ears to the ground, we will be able to piece together an accurate picture of the employer’s plan and its impacts. This work is essential. As public service professionals the public good is our purpose.

We need to paint a clear picture of the scope and depth of the cuts so that we can point to the impact on the public good.

To do this, we need the help of all our members.

Let us know what is happening in your workplace.

What impact are cuts going to have on your ability to carry on with your duties?

How is your department or agency planning to carry on with its work?

Is your department planning on outsourcing more work to the private sector?

We will use all of this information as we stand up to protect the public services in the coming weeks and months and as we deliver our message to the government, to all MPs and to all Canadians.

Above all else, we will use the Institute's resources to provide timely and effective support to all affected members. This is our top priority.

PIPSC representatives are meeting with the employer and affected members, to make sure that the workforce adjustment process is carried out in accordance with the terms contained in your collective agreements. We are making available a set of tools for members to deal with Workforce Adjustment measures; explaining their rights during the process, and the impact of a layoff on a personal level.

The Professional Institute will continue to actively defend your rights and Canada’s public service. We will challenge the Government’s plans for cuts. And we will insist on a commitment to credible and extensive engagement and consultation with public service professionals – the people who deliver programs and services.

In the difficult days ahead, you can count on The Professional Institute to be there for you. We continue to defend the right of our members and to fight for the Public Good.