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Message from the President: Cuts at Environment Canada

Fellow members,

Earlier this week, the federal government announced substantial cuts at Environment Canada (EC). A total of 776 employees, 227 of which represented by PIPSC, will be affected. This represents approximately 11% of the Department’s workforce. The government has told us that it plans to effect the cuts primarily through attrition, but that all employees will receive a guarantee of a “reasonable job offer” within the public service.

We will continue to meet with Treasury Board representatives to ensure that all affected members are treated fairly and according to the terms of their collective agreements. As well, we have asked the Treasury Board to identify the specific EC programs that are impacted by the government’s decision and we will communicate this information to our members as soon as we receive it.

These cuts will undoubtedly have serious consequences on Environment Canada’s ability to continue to fulfill its scientific mandate in the future. Its meteorologists and other scientists perform extremely valuable work on critical matters such as environmental forecasting and climate change.

We will continue to update our members on this and other related issues as developments occur.

In Solidarity,
Gary Corbett

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Publish Date: 05-AUG-2011 01:18 PM