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Message from the 2017 Institute Awards Panel of Judges re Citation, Service, Life Membership and President's Achievement Awards.

TO: Constituent Body Executives
PIPSC Stewards
Board of Directors

DATE: March 31, 2017

FROM: The Institute 2017 Awards Panel of Judges

SUBJECT: 2017 Institute Awards

The Institute Awards Panel of Judges is pleased to invite members to submit applications for the various awards of excellence offered by the Institute. Our union enjoys the selfless giving of its many volunteers, who, in partnership with PIPSC top-notch professional staff, keep the Institute at the forefront of service to members. Our volunteers have proven to be vital throughout PIPSC’s long history and indeed, in today's difficult environment, they are critical to our union.

The Panel has observed however that many of our most outstanding volunteers rarely get applauded and recognized for the good that they bring to our organization and its community. We encourage you, the leaders within our union, to promote the awards as an opportunity to honour those who have so faithfully and professionally served the Institute and its members with excellence.

The purpose of each award is described herein.

The Citation Certificate recognizes a PIPSC member or employee for outstanding service to Constituent Bodies, Committees, Consultation Teams or to the Institute as a whole. This certificate may recognize service over a period of time or service for a particular activity.

The Institute Service Award recognizes outstanding service by a PIPSC member or a PIPSC employee over a long period of time or outstanding service of a shorter duration which results in a contribution of enduring value to the Institute.

Life Membership is a onetime award that recognizes outstanding service of enduring value to the Institute by Regular and Retired members of the Institute who have demonstrated leadership over a period of at least ten (10) years.

The President's Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a high level of commitment in promoting professionalism and/or an outstanding achievement in the nominee's profession.

The applicable PIPSC By-laws and Nomination Forms can be accessed at the PIPSC website at

The deadline for submission for this year’s awards is August 25, 2017 at 5 p.m. (Ottawa Time), with the exception of the Citation Certificate which is all year long. Should you need additional information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to your partnership in our mission to promote the awards as a tangible, meaningful way to recognize those among us who have gone above and beyond in service to the Institute and to its members.


The Institute 2017 Awards Panel of Judges:

Bert Crossman
Ralph Herman
Nita Saville

Publish Date: 28-MAR-2017 10:55 AM