Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining


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Many of our Groups representing thousands of our members are at the table over the next few weeks, and I want to update you on the overall bargaining situation.

We measure progress by seeing our members' priorities addressed in new collective agreements. While we are encouraged by the new federal government's willingness to negotiate, at this time we have yet to see much progress. PIPSC members suffered for a decade under the previous government and I want to assure you that we won't be pressured into signing a deal that doesn't address your very reasonable priorities:

  • Fair economic increases and the protection of sick leave;
  • Enshrining scientific integrity in our science-based Groups’ collective agreements so no government gets to muzzle our scientists again;
  • Reining in costly outsourcing to protect our members' job security;
  • Resources to go after international tax avoiders so the government can provide Canadians with the quality services they deserve and pay competitive salaries to the professionals who deliver them; and
  • Maintaining and enhancing professional development to ensure excellent delivery of public services to Canadians.

All our strategic bargaining decisions are based on a simple principle: we're better together. It's the principle that helped us make respect for public service professionals a central issue in the federal campaign. And it's the principle that will see us through these negotiations with the new government.

Our bargaining power increases when our members stand united. Together we need to send a clear message to the Employer that we want movement at the table. So I am asking all of you to actively support your respective bargaining teams in the weeks to come by getting involved in a new campaign that appropriately enough, we call “Ready”.

We’re Ready to bargain for a fair contract that makes up for lost time. Ready to promote tax fairness. Ready to stop outsourcing. Ready to enshrine scientific integrity in our collective agreements.

Visit this page frequently for regular campaign updates, display our workplace visibility items, attend Ready events and stand united with your fellow PIPSC members.

Let's work together and get you the deal you deserve after all these lean years.

Better Together!

Debi Daviau,

PS. I invite those of you who could not attend our May 26, 2016 Telephone Town Hall to listen to the recordings we have posted online and hear how their colleagues feel about these issues and about the status of bargaining.

PPS. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for regular updates (@pipsc_ipfpc).


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Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements

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