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Survey of “Old-Timers,” past members of PIPSC Boards, Constituent Bodies and Group Executives

  1. Please respond to or to Laureen Allan at the PIPSC National Office. Please provide your name, the offices or positions held on the PIPSC Board, PIPSC Committee, Group Executive, or Staff, and the years during which you served. (If unsure of dates, please indicate this to permit verification.)
  2. When you first arrived on the PIPSC Board (or Committee or Group Executive) what were the biggest issues that confronted this body, as you recall.
  3. Name the main accomplishment(s) achieved during your term in office on the Board? Be as detailed as you wish. If a particular individual played a key leadership role in this regard, please identify that person.
  4. What significant matter did the Executive (or committee or Group Executive) not get done that you wish it had been able to get done before your term was complete? How do you explain this result?
  5. When you left the PIPSC Board (or committee or Group Executive), what were the chief issues confronting the incoming Executive, again, as you recall them? Had the issues changed? Were the issues essentially the same? Were there new developments that amounted to “game changers” that had an impact on incoming Board priorities?
  6. Name (up to) three individuals who, in your opinion, have most influenced in a positive way the direction and achievements of PIPSC: You may choose three names for each time period. You may repeat the names from one time period to another. The persons named need not be elected executive members.
    1. In the last 50 years or more (i.e. since 1965)? Briefly identify the contribution made by each.
    2. in the last 25 years (i.e., since 1995)? Briefly identify the contribution made by each.
  7. (Optional) Can you give a short outline of an event or episode that was in some way exceptional during your term in office on the Board, a PIPSC committee or a Group Executive. This need not relate to the Board or constituent body per se, but something in the field of Public Sector unionism that, for you, was an important milestone for PIPSC or which provides an insight into something important in the development of Public Sector Unionism in Canada and/or the Federal Public Sector.
  8. Like any institution, PIPSC has had its successes and failures; there have been good times and bad times and we all like to focus on the more positive experiences. However, it is also important to acknowledge some of the more difficult times in our history. Are there any times that stand out for you as particularly difficult or dangerous for PIPSC and its members?

With much appreciation for your cooperation,

100th Anniversary Committee


Publish Date: 02-JUN-2017 08:44 AM