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Call to Institute Members for Applications for The Member Conduct Roster

In 2014, the Institute established a new “Dispute Resolution and Discipline Policy”. We currently have a Roster of 9 that have served since February 2014.

The goal of the Policy is to promote the resolution of member-to-member disputes through dialogue, cooperation, respect and understanding. Members are strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve differences through collaborative, cooperative means instead of using adversary methods of filing formal complaints.

The General Counsel of the Institute is now seeking new applications from Institute members to volunteer for its Member Conduct Roster. The 9-member Roster is used to establish “Panels of Peers”, which are to be Institute decision-making bodies in discipline and dispute resolution matters. The Panel of Peers review individual cases and are struck, as needed, to ensure an unbiased consideration of each case to determine appropriate corrective measures. The Office of the General Counsel shall assist and advise each Panel in making decisions that are not arbitrary, discriminatory or in bad faith.

The Institute is hoping to achieve balance in representation on the Member Conduct Roster across Regions and Groups.


  • Must be a Regular or Retired member
  • Must not concurrently hold office as a member of the Board of Directors, or as a President or Vice-President of a constituent body
  • Ideal candidates will have a keen interest or experience in dispute resolution. (This last qualification will be assessed in a follow-up process.)

Please see the attached “Member Conduct Roster-Application”.

All inquiries and applications should be sent to Sara Carvalho by email.

Publish Date: 18-JAN-2017 11:48 AM