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PR Campaign 101 and Unpacking Ranked Ballots Webinar

The following announcement was released this week by Fair Vote Canada, an organization dedicated to reforming and improving Canada's electoral system. As one of many endorsers of the work of Fair Vote Canada, the Institute wishes to encourage members interested in promoting electoral reform to participate in the following webinar being held by Fair Vote Canada.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the campaign to Make Every Vote Count! The new Liberal government has promised that 2015 was the last election using first-past-the-post. Their election platform stated:

“We will make every vote count.

We will convene an all-party Parliamentary committee to review a wide variety of reforms, such as ranked ballots, proportional representation, mandatory voting, and online voting.”

An all-party committee is being formed now and public consultations are set to get underway soon to ask Canadians about what values are most important to them in a new electoral system.

With values such as fair and proportional results, equality for voters, more inclusive politics, diversity and effective local representation in mind, you may be wondering:

What do the terms “ranked ballot” and “proportional representation” really mean? Which systems will deliver on our most important values and the promise to Make Every Vote Count?

We invite you to join us for a two part webinar:

1. 7:00-7:20: Make Every Vote Count - Campaign 101

2. 7:20-7:55: Unpacking Ranked Ballots

Register here!

Are you new to the issue of electoral reform? Join our first section to learn more about proportional representation, and how it will build a more diverse and inclusive Parliament!

If you already have a handle on the basic case for PR, jump on the webinar for the second section where Associate Professor and Canadian electoral reform expert Dennis Pilon will explain how ranked ballots are used in winner-take-all and proportional electoral systems - the options, the history, the objectives and the possible consequences.

Fair Voting BC President Antony Hodgson will contribute to the discussion to explain how Single Transferable Vote (STV) could work as one option for Canada.

You can attend the entire webinar, or you can join us for the section you are most interested in.

Following the presenters, we will have Q+A where you can ask questions via a chat box. We will endeavour to answer as many as we can!

Please share this webinar widely with friends who may be interested.

Thanks for being part of the campaign to Make Every Vote Count.


Anita Nickerson
FVC Action Coordinator

Publish Date: 17-FEB-2016 02:50 PM