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The Budget Canadians Deserve

With the federal budget now set to be introduced on March 22, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has released its 22nd annual Alternative Federal Budget (AFB). The 2017 edition – High Stakes, Clear Choices – speaks to the critical decisions Canada currently faces and encourages the federal government to live up to its promises to invest in vital programs that reduce inequality and improve the lives of middle-class Canadians.

The AFB recognizes the important role that the Federal Public Service plays in nurturing prosperity and making Canada safer. It calls for a reinvestment of $2 billion per year in order to provide the standard of service Canadians deserve in the wake of 10 years of cuts. It specifically cites Liberal promises related to mitigating climate change, noting that 1,100 jobs have been lost at Environment and Climate Change Canada since 2010 – 120 of those since 2015.

Additionally, the AFB is critical of recent government outsourcing practices, going so far as to call for a review of the Public Service Integrity Commission to identify measures to address white-collar crime involving government contracting.

The AFB also advocates that the Canada Revenue Agency be given the tools it needs to go after wealthy individuals and corporations that abuse tax havens. Tax fairness initiatives pay for themselves and the additional funds retrieved provide resources for public services that benefit everyone.


Publish Date: 09-MAR-2017 11:00 AM