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PIPSC’s Top 10 (+1) Recommendations for Budget 2017-18

Since being elected in 2015, the Trudeau government has made many announcements (as well as promises) about restoring the public service after the sweeping cuts and damaging policies of the previous Harper government. Not least among these has been the announcement enshrining scientific integrity in our science members’ collective agreements, an important recommendation included in our 2017-18 pre-budget consultation submission last August.

With the government set to deliver its next budget on Wednesday, March 22 (a payday for federal employees), here are 10 more recommendations from PIPSC’s pre-budget submission (plus one of significance to everyone who depends on the federal government for a paycheque):

Scientific Integrity

1 Hire 1,500 federal scientists to reverse the impact of damaging cuts.
2 Invest in innovation and pure science within government as well as the private sector to make Canada a global innovation leader.
3 Increase funds available for professional development.


4 Reduce reliance on outside IT and other professional services to 2005-06 levels by 2019-20.
5 Reinvest a portion of the savings into training to enhance the government’s internal capacity.
6 Eliminate internal barriers that incentivize outsourcing such as internal hiring freezes and onerous staffing requirements.

Tax Fairness

7 Establish a world-class tax fairness initiative: a further $600 million investment would net an additional $6 billion in revenue for vital public programs.
8 Investigate complex cases and prosecute offenders.
9 Target corporate tax cheats.
10 Reinvest in regional CRA offices gutted by the Harper government.

Finally, the most helpful thing the government could do to restore the federal public service now would be to establish a contingency fund to expedite fixing once and for all the mess known as the Phoenix payroll system.


Publish Date: 17-MAR-2017 10:20 AM