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E-Learning Program: Announcing the Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of our E-Learning Draw!

The winners are:

Mr. Dale Serrao (CS), of Victoria BC, new owner of the A-Stand, transformable work station
Ms. Josée Maisonneuve (CS), of Gatineau, QC, new owner of a 16GB iPad mini.

These winners’ names were randomly drawn from the many who have successfully completed our new course which provides PIPSC members with the tools to defend against Bullying and Harassment in the workplace.

We thank our e-Learners for their participation and welcome those interested in online training.

We will hold more draws as new e-learning modules are added to our program. Keep watching for your next chance to win!

Not yet an e-learner? Join here:


Publish Date: 03-APR-2017 09:21 AM