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Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program

Call for Applications

The Institute’s Legacy Foundation is pleased to extend a call for applications for scholarships to students who are children or grandchildren of Institute members. In 2017, the Foundation will award the following scholarships:

Through the Sponsors’ Series

  • One $5,000 scholarships
  • fifteen $1,500 scholarships

Through the Founders’ Series

  • two $1,500 scholarships
  • two $1,000 scholarships
  • one $500 scholarship


To be eligible, applicants must be children or grandchildren of Regular or Retired members in good standing or members who were in good standing at the time of their death. Children or grandchildren of Rand deductees are not eligible.

Applicants must be entering their first year of post-secondary education in autumn 2017 in a full-time post-secondary program at an educational institution (including cégeps) in Canada or outside Canada.


The basis of selection is the same for all scholarships. Only one scholarship will be awarded to each of the chosen candidates.

Applications will be evaluated by an impartial selection panel using these factors:

  1. Academic achievement (transcript of marks).
  2. Summary of candidate’s leadership ability and community service involvement, including letters of reference (e.g. student council, tutoring, coach or assistant coach, other volunteer activities).
  3. Essay of 750-1000 words on "professionalism". A suggested topic is "What does it mean to be a professional in your career?" but other specific topics on professionalism are welcomed. Essays will be judged on content, grammar, spelling, organization and presentation.
  4. Typed statement by the candidate outlining future education and career goals and indicating why the candidate deserves a scholarship. This statement will be evaluated on content, grammar, spelling, organization and presentation of goals.

More information and an official application form can be obtained at or by contacting

Application Procedure

A complete application must include:

  • Official scholarship application form (available at
  • A copy of the official transcript of marks from the learning institution most recently attended.
  • A statement outlining future education and career goals and indicating why the candidate deserves a scholarship.
  • A statement about the candidate’s leadership abilities and community service involvement with supporting evidence, including reference letters.
  • A 750-1000 word essay on professionalism.

Please submit the application by mail or fax with your supporting documents to:

Evaluation Committee
The Professional Institute
Legacy Foundation
250 Tremblay Road Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3J8
Telephone: (613) 228-6310 / 1-800-267-0446
Fax: (613) 228-9048 / 1-800-465-7477

Applications must reach the Scholarship Program Coordinator at the address indicated above, by 5 p.m. July 14, 2017. All applicants, successful or otherwise, will be notified by the Evaluation Committee.

Awards will be applicable to the academic year commencing in September 2017. The successful candidates will be notified by mid-September 2017.

A cheque will be forwarded to the successful applicant once confirmation of enrollment in a post-secondary institution is received.

Please note that the Foundation may use photos and names of recipients in promotional material.


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