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Highlights of PIPSC Participation in the 2014 Canadian Labour Congress Convention

The 27th Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Constitutional Convention held in Montréal between May 5 and 9, 2014 marked the Professional Institute’s first official participation in the Canadian labour movement’s showcase event. Because CLC conventions are held every three years, this was the first opportunity for PIPSC to get fully involved in setting the organization’s direction since it joined the Congress in 2011.

Led by President Debi Daviau, the PIPSC delegation was made up of senior elected officials, accompanied by subject matter experts from the ranks of Institute staff.

Our senior representatives sat on three key committees that oversaw the proceedings and were at the forefront of the important discussions that took place that week:

  • Constitution and Structure – Chief Operating Officer and Executive Secretary Eddie Gillis
  • General Resolutions – Vice-President Shirley Friesen
  • Economic and Social Policy – President Debi Daviau

By actively participating in these committees and networking with other delegates from across Canada, PIPSC representatives continued the critical work of building bridges with other bargaining agents who oppose the Harper government’s anti-worker, anti-union agenda. They expressed solidarity with their counterparts by voting in favour of CLC resolutions that take a hard stand on three issues of particular importance to the labour movement:

  • Protecting “Defined Benefit” pension plans, at a time when Canadian governments at all levels are looking at replacing them with inferior ‘Target Benefit” plans (as the government of New Brunswick did late last year).
  • Opposing government legislation such as Bills C-525, C-4, C-377 that respectively make it more difficult to certify unions but easier to de-certify them, that overturn the rules governing collective bargaining, and that represent a clear, prejudicial assault on the legal activities and financial accountability of Canadian unions.
  • Preventing the privatization of government programs or services, which can be delivered more securely and cost-effectively in-house.

The most publicly visible of the week’s events was the May 8 Rally Against Austerity, in which hundreds of flag-bearing union delegates and supporters from like-minded organizations vociferously denounced the federal government’s unrelenting attacks on Canada’s public infrastructure and public servants. The gathering also focused the spotlight on cuts and service reductions at Canada Post, which will reduce the crown corporation to a shell of its former self. President Daviau was honoured to be the “master of ceremonies” for the rally.

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PIPSC Vice-President Shirley Friesen with Unifor President Jerry Dias and PIPSC President Debi Daviau

Debi Daviau speaking at the Canadian Labour Congress convention Montreal 2014

Women’s caucus at Centre des Congrès de Montréal

André Lortie (negotiator at PIPSC), Del Dickson (NCR Regional Director) and Sean O’Reilly (NCR Regional Director) at Centre des Congrès de Montréal

Debi Daviau talking to a participant at the Centre des Congrès de Montréal

Past CLC president, Ken Georgetti (right), presenting the new CLC president; Hassan Yussuff (left)

A selfie of Debi Daviau with new CLC President Hassan Yussuff

PIPSC delegates attending the CLC Rally in the streets of Montreal

PIPSC delegates protesting during the Rally in Montreal

Debi Daviau speaking at the CLC Rally in Montreal

You can find more pictures and highlights from the CLC Convention 2014 on our Facebook page.

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