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Ergonomic Assessment Services

Departments and PIPSC team up to create National Master Standing Offers for Office Ergonomic Assessment Services

In April 2009, Health Canada’s Workplace Health and Public Safety Programme (WHPSP) stopped providing individual ergonomic assessment services. As part of the Hazard Prevention Program in the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations under the Canada Labour Code, all managers and supervisors must ensure that the work place, workspaces and procedures meet prescribed ergonomic standards.

Since the WHPSP no longer provided these services, the PWGSC National Health and Safety Policy Committee brought together over 40 government departments, unions, PWGSC’s Procurement Strategy & Performance Management Directorate and the Training & Specialized Services Division-ZH contracting services to develop National Master Standing Offers (NMSO) so that the federal public service could obtain ergonomic assessment services in the office environment. This collaboration resulted in 12 NMSOs being issued.

For more information go to the Standing Offer Index (Accessible to Federal government employees only) Click on Search, enter a department name, location and then paste this number E60ZH-100002 into the standing offer number field. Click the search button. A tree structure will appear after the search. Click on “ERGONOMIC SERVICES” and the Master Standing Offers will appear. Your materiel Management sections will now be able to call-up these services as and when required at a price that is well below stand-alone purchasing. If you want to see the Statement of Work, that governs the contractor’s work and deliverables look at Annex “A” in the Master Standing Offer of your choice.

If you are from a department or agency that cannot use PWGSC contractual documents require your Material Management to process ergonomic assessment services by using any one of the Masters Annex “A” - Statement of Work. By using the Statement of Work as shown it will ensure that a qualified professional will perform a meaningful assessment.

Next Steps

Phase II - Ergonomics In-House will look at either offering ergonomic assessment services training or offering an online tool. The training would be for ''ergo coaches'' in departments and agencies who provide assistance to employees on how to arrange their workspaces for their particular needs. The online tool could be designed to teach individuals how to properly set-up their office ergonomically themselves.

Phase II will address the required qualifications and will be based on the PWGSC guideline Ergonomics at Work. The working group will soon start preparing the Statement of Work for this phase.

Phase III - Ergonomics in the Industrial Environment is expected to start in late summer and will include providing assessments for truckers, miners, laboratories, and other sectors.

Thanks to NCR Director John Courtney for advancing the interests of our members on this important issue. For additional information please contact John at , (613) 302-7872.

Publish Date: 15-MAY-2012 09:18 AM