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Go, Listen and Build: a Mantra for Mobilizing Members

On May 6, 2013, PIPSC welcomed Kevin Millsip, the co-founder and director of Next Up, a youth leadership program which revolves around social and environmental justice. Two phases took place: 1) a round table morning discussion and 2) a brown bag lunch presentation. The presentation was previously seen at a Canadian Labour Congress Political Action Conference and was well received.

Great ideas were brought up in both the discussion and presentation relating to mobilization: ideal locations, emotional abuse training, keeping calm, learning to listen adequately, validating feelings, hearing the people individually rather than only as a group, making allies before speaking to ensure at least some positive productivity, and most importantly to accurately tell your story without drowning members with facts.

Adjusting presentations towards certain groups can be a key feature. The story contains the same plot with many different characters meaning many different outcomes as well as different voices. People want to be heard in a way that they feel acknowledged and accepted. To do so the adjustments must be made, and not only that, but why not let the members have greater input in campaigning and mobilization so that they too feel involved and that it is also their voice being heard.

In order to truly connect with members, PIPSC must develop relationships modestly. We must go to the members, listen to them, and build a message. With these messages seeds must be planted so that we can “move from an idea to a dream to the reality we live,” as Millsip passionately said.

Publish Date: 15-MAY-2013 02:30 PM