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National Public Service Week: June 12-18, 2011

Are you aware that National Public Service Week is a Professional Institute initiative?


Back in 1992, PIPSC conceived the idea as an effective means of recognizing the contribution of federal employees while building pride in the public service of Canada. Liberal MP Marlene Catterall supported the idea and introduced a Private Member’s Bill which she steered through the House of Commons. The Bill won support from the Mulroney Conservative Government and was adopted by the House.

Every year since, the government of the day has paused in June to honour public service employees and recognize the contribution they make to the delivery of services to Canadians.

For the Public Good expresses what PIPSC members stand for. It represents the common thread that unites them all, no matter their profession, their employer or where they live. The key visual image, the umbrella over a group of Canadians and the map of Canada, conveys that the public can depend on PIPSC members to serve and protect their well-being. Finally, the Institute is identified as “The Union of Public Service Professionals Serving Canadians”, which truly sums up what this union is all about.

I urge you to show your professional pride by displaying our poster on your worksite bulletin board or at your work station. Additional posters may be obtained by contacting Rachel Blouin .

Let’s stand together in solidarity and celebrate.

In solidarity,

Gary Corbett

Publish Date: 10-JUN-2011 03:06 PM