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On Multiculturalism Day, PIPSC will be celebrating Canada's cultural mosaic. Today, June 27th marks the day when we Canadians sit up and take pride in our country’s unique diversity. Here at PIPSC, we rejoice in this multiplicity not only by promoting it in the workplace, but by supporting it in our wide-ranging membership.

PIPSC recognizes the need for inclusiveness in all aspects of life, including the labour force. A diverse workplace promotes tolerance and strengthens democracy, which in turn results in broader mutual respect and a healthier and more productive workplace.

Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, a fact reflected in its workforce. The Institute is sensitive to the needs of its multi-ethnic membership and actively ensures that it responds effectively to the requirements of its members, regardless of their cultural background.

Multiculturalism goes hand-in-hand with Human Rights. In this context, PIPSC’s mandate includes providing an ongoing forum where Human Rights issues can be discussed and studied openly and help overcome any barriers to harmony that include different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. These are all critical elements, which are considered for the Public Good.

Publish Date: 27-JUN-2011 07:40 AM