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Fair Vote Canada

Since acquiring a parliamentary majority in 2011, the federal Conservative government has underlined the fragility of our democratic process -- not least through its ongoing assaults against unions and public interest organizations, the revelations of the robocalls investigation, and its imposition of the misnamed Fair Elections Act.

As public service professionals our own role has been challenged by, for example, the downgrading of evidence as the basis for policy making and the muzzling of scientists. The legislative process has been stretched and distorted through the misuse of "omnibus" legislation to avoid full democratic debate and decision-making. And the current government's appetite for secrecy and centralized control has, as repeated efforts by the Parliamentary Budget Office demonstrate, made a mockery of genuine accountability.

While the Conservative government can and must be held accountable for these abuses, we also need to pay attention to the structural problems with our first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system where millions of Canadians' votes don't really count. As has happened in past federal and provincial elections, this government won a majority of seats in Parliament (over 50%) without receiving a majority of the votes cast by Canadians (less than 40%).

Fair Vote Canada campaigns for an electoral system based on proportional representation (PR) where “voters elect representatives in proportion to their votes”. Members interested in seeking solutions to the systemic challenges of Canada's existing electoral system should visit Fair Vote Canada's website -- -- to find out more about their campaign.

Publish Date: 06-OCT-2014 11:22 AM