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Electoral reform: let’s make every vote count!

The Professional Institute recognizes that the evidence is in when it comes to electoral reform: over 13 Canadian studies and 89% of witnesses at the Electoral Reform Committee Consultations have supported the principle of PROPORTIONALITY (% votes the party receives overall =% seats a party receives).

We’ve heard from you that you find policy lurch* demoralizing. You’ve told us that you want your vote to count toward electing someone that represents your views in the House of Commons, and to no longer feel forced to vote strategically. We agree with you.

The Special Committee on Electoral Reform is wrapping up its work with a report due on December 1st. We encourage you to thank them for their efforts while reminding them to finish the job and fulfill the promise made during the 2015 federal election to “make every vote count”. The simplest way to do this is by clicking on the link and send the committee an email. There is a suggested message but you can make changes to match your personal views.

*Public servants implementing the ideas of one 39% ‘majority’ government, then reversing direction when the next 39% ‘majority’ gets in.


Publish Date: 01-DEC-2016 02:02 PM