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January 28, 2009

Return to Consultation

Dear Stewards:

On November 21, 2008 the Institute withdrew from Consultation with the Federal Government to concentrate on Collective Bargaining.

This action was taken to protest the unprofessional manner in which the government bargained, in the press, with their “final offer”, followed by proposed legislation. It is worth noting that 40,508 of our members have been without a contract for over a year. This “final offer” was the first offer they had received. It is also worth noting that the offer was significantly less than inflation, and did not address the fact that professionals in the public service are paid significantly less than those in the private sector.

With the recent Speech from the Throne and the tabling of the budget it is clear that the intent of the government is to legislate our members’ wages.

We are not the enemy! Our members keep our food, drugs and toys safe, our banks sound, our taxes low and our armed forces capable. We hope that the government will recognize the importance of its professionals and return to the negotiating table.

Despite our disappointment at the actions of the government, we have a responsibility to improve the working environment of our members and one of the effective ways to do this is with consultation. It allows us to work with the managers to address the issues of our members, without having to go to a grievance. Consultation is also an avenue to work with managers so they can achieve their objectives while maximizing the positive effects on our members and minimizing the negative effects.

For these reasons, the Professional Institute will be returning to Consultation with the Federal Government. Consequently, the Institute will be communicating with your employer in a letter to be sent Friday in order to let them know that this will be put into force as of Monday.

David Gray
PIPSC VP, Consultation

Note: Some Institute Groups unique to a Department or Agency may choose not to return to consultation at this time. (ie AFS, CFIA S&A)

Publish Date: 27-JAN-2009 10:30 AM