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Rally during the filming of the final scenes of the "Poor No More" documentary -PIPSC is present and accounted for!

On January 16, PIPSC President Gary Corbett and well-known CBC personality Mary Walsh led a march from the streets of downtown Ottawa up to Parliament Hill where the final scenes of the "Poor No More" documentary were filmed.

Before introducing Mary Walsh, Gary reiterated that unions have played and will continue to play a leading role in maintaining the quality of life enjoyed by all Canadians.

Among other points, the documentary illustrates how unions are accepted as partners in the workforce in other countries and how the quality of life there is positively affected.

The documentary, "Poor no more" will be released in the early spring. Showings will be arranged across the country. The Institute and other unions sponsored this worthwhile effort. Copies of the documentary will be widely available to PIPSC members upon completion of production.

Publish Date: 21-JAN-2010 08:14 AM