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Call for Nominations - President’s Achievement Award

Several weeks ago in Communications Magazine, you received an invitation to submit nominations for the new annual President’s Achievement Award. The Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee, which was instrumental in the creation of the award, reminds all members and stewards that the deadline for nominations is April 15, 2009. We invite you to submit the name of individuals to be considered for this exciting award aimed at recognizing members who have exemplified professionalism in action.

The Award may be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated a high level of commitment in promoting professionalism and, who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • A contribution of exceptional professional dedication under extraordinary circumstance or exceptional contribution in professional team building, management practices, and client relations/service.
  • Successful completion of a project, the results of which reflect a high order of merit.
  • An outstanding unique achievement, innovation, or trend setting initiative in the nominee’s profession

The recipient of the award shall be an individual currently or previously employed in a classification represented by the Professional Institute.

You will find details outlining the regulations governing the award achievements at the following link

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Laureen Allan, Communications Officer, at (613) 228-6310 extension 2230.

Publish Date: 03-APR-2009 03:41 PM