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Government Credit Card Not Mandatory

The Professional Institute has received many enquiries as to whether it is now mandatary for employees to obtain a Government of Canada American Express Credit Card, sometimes called the Government Travel Card, for work related travel. In 2006, it became mandatary for excluded and managerial staff to obtain and use the Government AMEX Card. For PIPSC members it is not. Sections 1.6 and 1.7 of the Government Travel Directive stipulate that obtaining and using the Government AMEX Card is voluntary. Employees are free to use their personal credit cards when on government travel or request an advance to cover anticipated travel costs.

Any PIPSC represented employees who feel pressured to obtain and use a Government AMEX Card or have a card issued to them without having applied for it, should contact their PIPSC stewards or staff representatives immediately. All forms of credit involve risk and liability.

The Institute advises its members to make sure they have all the facts and information they need and exercise caution to ensure they are making an informed choice before obtaining the Government of Canada American Express Card.

Publish Date: 23-JAN-2007 09:33 AM