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PIPSC Supports Striking Museum Employees

September 28, 2009

Mrs. Maria Fitzpatrick
Regional Executive Vice-President
National Capital Region
Public Service Alliance of Canada
233 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0P1

Dear Mrs. Fitzpatrick:

I am writing today to express the support of all 57, 000 members of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) for the striking employees of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum.

The matters of job security, contracting out, wage parity and satisfactory benefits are issues of common interest to all employees of the federal public service.

Though it is always preferable to achieve negotiated settlements, your strike action is an appropriate and inevitable response to this government’s adversarial and regressive approach to labour relations. Regretfully, the government’s position with regards to your demands for fair and equitable treatment only reflects a long line of decisions that, taken in the name of public service efficiency, consistently fail to take into account their impact on the delivery of federal programs and services across the country, and the well-being of Canadians. This government has once again chosen to place its obsession with “putting the public service in its place” ahead of the public interest.

Be assured that we stand shoulder-to shoulder with our colleagues represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

In Solidarity,
Hélène Rogers,
Acting President

c.c. John Willis
President, PIPSC Canadian Museum of Civilization Group

Publish Date: 29-SEP-2009 01:05 PM