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Revised PIPSC- TB Work Force Adjustment

The Professional Institute and Treasury Board have come to terms, after nearly 20 months of negotiations, on a revised Work Force Adjustment appendix to be integrated in all PIPSC-TB agreements as of February 2, 2009.

The new WFA includes multiple changes, reflecting 2005 legislation affecting the obligations and roles of various intervenors such as the PSC, departments etc. A key characteristic of the PIPSC WFA is: the initial search area for an employee affected by the WFA is its expansion from 16 kilometers to 40 kilometers, either from place of work or residence, whichever is more beneficial to the employee.

This was essentialy a PIPSC demand, with the employer giving it serious consideration and even adding some flexibility; the Institute’s concern was ensuring greater employment opportunities and economic security, in light the fact that that most members work or live in urban areas or close by.

All PIPS-TB collective agreements are hereby amended.

Details to follow.

Michel Gingras
WFA Negotiator

February 3, 2009

Publish Date: 04-FEB-2009 11:40 AM