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Thanks to members for helping keep our database up-to-date


In October of this year over 52,000 emails were sent to members asking them to update or confirm in the information in our database. The Membership Section updated and confirmed 25,915 records. The names of the members who contacted the Institute to either confirm or update their records were entered into a draw to win one of three new iPads.

Winners were chosen at random.

  1. Barbara Gray, SP Group, NCR Region,
  2. Sylvie Ruel, AFS Group, Quebec Region
  3. Matt Kirkwood, CS Group, BC Region

Thank you for your help in ensuring our database is as accurate as possible. By working together, we can ensure that you receive all the benefits of membership in the Professional Institute.

Funding for contests is provided by the ServicePlus partners through affinity revenues.

Publish Date: 26-NOV-2014 10:39 AM