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2010 United Way Campaign

TO: Branch Presidents

FROM: Gary Corbett, President

SUBJECT: 2010 United Way Campaign

DATE: October 25, 2010

Fellow Members,

I write today to encourage you as PIPSC elected officials to be mindful of the current fund raising efforts of the United Way of Canada.

This year as always, the United Way’s goal is to bring communities together to find solutions, change lives and make them stronger, healthier and safer. And, while most Canadians would be very familiar wit this well-established organization composed of 117 local Chapters, some may not know that the United Way is the largest supporter of the voluntary and social services sector in Canada outside of the government and that contributions are reinvested directly back into local communities in support of programs and services that improve social conditions across Canadians.

This year, it is my great honour to serve on the United Way Ottawa Campaign Cabinet and in doing so, I certainly encourage you to support the United Way mission. I would also like to take this opportunity to note that, in your role as activists, you are in a unique position to not only assist by engaging and mobilizing individuals into collective action in support of an improved community, but also to be proactive by showing strategic leadership to help communities confront the challenges facing them.

As I take this opportunity to thank and encourage you for your work. I also ask that you pass this message along to our fellow branch members to make them aware of the tremendous and lasting impact that their contribution can have on the less fortunate among us.


I invite you to visit the United Way official campaign website at to see for yourself the myriad of ways in which the United Way directly contributes to the well-being of millions of our fellow citizens.

Thank you.

In Solidarity,

Publish Date: 28-OCT-2010 09:54 AM