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Closing Remarks
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 11:21 AM
Reports of Committees of the Board
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 11:22 AM
Late Resolutions
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 11:23 AM
Resolutions - Amendments to Institute By-Laws
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 11:23 AM
Scholarship Recipients Address AGM Delegates
Publish Date: 04-NOV-2005 11:24 AM
Regional Steward of the Year Awards
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 11:35 AM
Resolutions - Policy (Non-Budgetary)
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 02:13 PM
Resolutions - Budgetary
Publish Date: 20-SEP-2006 03:05 PM
Masochists Running for Parliament Hill
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 08:51 AM
Candidates for Vice-President Address Delegates
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 08:55 AM
Professional Recognition Qualifications Committee (PRQC)
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 08:57 AM
Finance Committee Report
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 08:58 AM
Membership Satisfaction Survey
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:00 AM
Advisory Council
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:01 AM
Institute Presents Service Award
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:02 AM
Reconfiguration of the AP Group in to SP and NR Bargaining Units
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:04 AM
New National Office Project
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:08 AM
President Demers Opens 86th Annual General Meeting
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:14 AM
Full Text of the President's address
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:20 AM
Proposed By-Law and Regulation amendments submitted to the 2005 AGM (PDF 138kb)
Publish Date: 21-SEP-2006 09:31 AM
Material for AGM Delegates and Observers and for the Information of all PIPSC Members (Please see notes below)
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  • In response to requests from delegates to reduce the amount of material they have to carry to the AGM, and to reduce mailing costs, we are posting various AGM documents to our Web site rather than sending paper copies prior to the AGM.
  • Please be aware that it is possible that the reports posted will be updated or modified by the authors/presenters prior to or at the AGM. Documents such as resolutions, financial reports, policy issues, will only be modified if it is the will of the delegates at the AGM.
  • There is no need to download all these documents, hard copies will be provided in the binders distributed at the AGM.
  • In the interest of time and to ensure uniformity, the documents are being posted in pdf format.