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89th Annual General Meeting (2008)

Opening of the 89th Annual General Meeting

At 8:30 a.m. on Friday, November 14, 2008, the Town Crier summoned the 423 delegates to be seated and called the meeting to order.

President Demers addresses the AGM

President Demers delivered a vibrant bilingual address providing an outline of the issues facing the Institute and what lies ahead.


Elections Committee

Elections Committee Vice-Chair Patrick Kinnear presented the report of the Elections Committee. The report covered the upcoming election for the positions of vice-president (full-time), vice-president (part-time), and regional directors for Atlantic, B.C./Yukon, Ontario, and the National Capital Region.

Report on the Revitalization of the AGM

On behalf of the Task Force on Revitalizing the AGM, Executive Secretary Eddie Gillis led the delegates through the process of revitalizing the AGM, including changes that were implemented for the 2008 AGM and recommendations for future AGMs.

ServicePlus Benefits for Members

During lunch and health breaks, members benefited from the presence of our ServicePlus partners to learn about products and services available to them at advantageous rates.

AGM Gala Celebrates Outstanding Members

On Friday evening, delegates gathered for the Inaugural Awards Gala to honour outstanding members

Mad Dash

Starting as early as 5:30 a.m., the infamous “Masochists at Dawn” assembled for their annual MAD dash for Parliament Hill. The pace of this year’s MAD dash ranged from ambitious running to wretched crawling towards the eternal flame on the hill.

Elections Debate

The AGM revitalization exercise generated a lively start to the Saturday meetings as delegates watched vice-presidential candidates debate the issues of the day.

Finance Committee Report

Finance Committee Chair Stéphane Chevalier presented the Finance Report.

Report on Bargaining

Vice-President Hélène Rogers reported on the status of bargaining and the “Time for Action” bargaining campaign.

James C. Hunter
James C. Hunter
2008 AGM Keynote Speaker