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Revitalizing the PIPSC Annual General Meeting

At the 2008 Strategic Planning Retreat of the Institute’s Board of Directors (BOD), there was a strong consensus that a comprehensive review of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) would be a valuable strategic objective for the Institute.

A considerable amount of time was spent discussing ideas for rejuvenating and enhancing the AGM, the Institute’s most important gathering of active members.

At the completion of this discussion, a Task Force of Directors was struck to consider and recommend enhancements to the Annual General Meeting.


In agreeing to commission the Task Force, and building on ideas and discussion at the retreat, the Board is seeking to make the AGM more engaging, relevant and vibrant, thereby generating heightened pride among AGM delegates for their marquee event. The following statement succinctly captures the aspirations embodied in this effort:

The Process

The Board adopted the Task Force’s report and gave the go-ahead to implement the proposed improvements in a two-step process:

  • The 2008 Annual General Meeting
  • Future Annual General Meetings

Step 1 2008 Annual General meeting

The pages which follow provide an overview of the major improvements which will be implemented for this year’s AGM to be held November 14-15.

These improvements, among other areas, focus on ensuring that delegates are as well informed as possible with respect to resolutions, By-Law amendments and proposed budgets which will be debated on the floor of the AGM. They also aim to streamline some AGM processes in order to use the time available as productively as possible. Enhancements will also be made to incorporate election campaign activity into the formal agenda of the AGM.

The improvements fall into four major categories

Step 2 - Proposed Changes to Future Annual General Meetings

The Institute’s Board of Directors has given its support to the presentation of a package of changes to the Annual General Meeting. This package will be discussed and voted on by the delegates to the 2008 AGM for implementation in 2009 and beyond.