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AGM Town Hall

In the weeks preceding the Annual General Meeting, we asked our members across Canada if they wanted an opportunity to participate in the proceedings, even if they could not be present at the AGM itself. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

This Town Hall is the direct result of the feedback we received and is part of our broader efforts to engage members using the most modern and effective tools at our disposal.

The next opportunity for members to communicate directly with President Debi Daviau in a Telephone Town Hall setting is coming up on Tuesday November 18, 2014. Details have been sent by email to all members, and we encourage you to join us for a discussion of the critical issues that affect us all, including the upcoming round of bargaining and the next federal election.

Note: High user volume at any given time may temporarily prevent access to this video. If you experience difficulty viewing this recording, please try again later.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.