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Stop Bill C-377

President Daviau inspired the members to use the Better Together initiative as an impetus to action.

The Institute encourages its members to join the campaign to “Stop Bill C-377”.

The Harper government is resurrecting a bill – C-377 – that will do serious damage to the constitutional rights of every unionized worker in Canada.

C-377 would impose on unions – and only unions – the most costly, onerous financial reporting requirements of any organization or business in the country. That includes the banks, business lobbies, global corporations and, of course, the Conservative Party of Canada.

It would require unions – and only unions – to report every expense of $5,000 or more as well as the names of each and every recipient.

The reason, apparently, is to prevent unions from representing their members’ democratic social, economic and political rights – or at least to make it much more expensive for them to do so.

It’s the same bill that failed earlier last year when 16 Conservative senators agreed to revisions so extensive that they gutted the original bill.

But now, the Bill is back – and in its original form – and the Harper government is threatening all Conservative senators to “toe the line”.

But there’s still a chance we can stop it.

Visit, sign our petition, and send a message to the Conservative senators who stopped Bill C-377 the first time in 2013.

There isn’t much time left, so act now and do your part to protect the constitutional rights of every unionized worker in Canada.

Let’s stand up for democracy and against this bill that even former Conservative Senator Hugh Segal has called “flawed, unconstitutional and technically incompetent.”

Bill 377

Publish Date: 08-NOV-2014 09:17 AM