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Keynote Speaker – Paul Moist, President, CUPE

Paul MoistIn the spirit of Better Together, CUPE National President Paul Moist praised the Institute for affiliating with the Canadian Labour Congress so as to work in solidarity on the common issues so many unions share.

Canadian unions have a message for Mr. Harper: We believe in our work and we will not sit by and watch so many hard-won rights disappear as the Harper government seeks to roll back the clock. We will defend our collective bargaining rights and we will not back down. Stop your bullying tactics. Federal employees are not about to give up our sick leave.

Paul Moist congratulated the Institute on its Better Together initiative. He agreed that unions cannot win without a strong connection to their rank and file members. It is important to engage people in conversation.

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.

How is it that so many of our members and the general public are so uninformed?

We live in a postmodern world in which anything is possible and nothing is certain.

Did members ever imagine that their pension and sick leave provisions would not be protected.

We don’t need unpaid jobs for the youth of Canada. We need good paying jobs for all Canadians.

There is rising inequality here in our country in which 850,000 Canadians will be fed by a food bank, and 25% of them are children.

We live in uncertain times.

Mr. Harper banks on us being divided. Canada needs a strong union movement to stop the attack on public services. Harper uses omnibus bills to weaken collective bargaining.

We can’t stay out of politics. We have a responsibility to defend our Canadian values. We must be prepared. We have to speak to our neighbours. Let`s work on our relationships.

Trade unions were born so that workers could speak truth to power, to the boss.

We cannot be silent. We must be a united Canadian labour movement. United we are stronger.

Mr. Moist closed by thanking Institute members for their belief in public services, their unionism and their activism.

Paul Moist & Debi Daviau

President Daviau thanked Paul Moist and all the other unions of the CLC for their support.

We are united.

Publish Date: 07-NOV-2014 06:38 PM