Notice of Motion – PIPSC 100th Anniversary

100 logoThis will serve as notice to the delegates to the 2014 PIPSC Annual General Meeting that the Retired Members Guild intends to present a resolution to the 2015 PIPSC Annual General Meeting.

The subject of the resolution will be the allocation of a specific amount of money to be used to produce a variety of products such as, but not limited to, videos, pamphlets, written articles, and a logo, for the purpose of celebrating the one hundredth (100th) anniversary of the founding of the Professional Institute on February 6, 1920.

It is the intention of the Retired Members Guild to work with other interested constituent bodies in the coming months to develop a presentation of options, including potential costs, for discussion and refinement at the six (6) Regional Councils to be held in 2015.

Any ideas or suggestions to help us make this a memorable event are welcome and can be sent to us at

Publish Date: 22-OCT-2014 10:08 AM

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