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Process for Reviewing Resolutions Prior to the Annual General Meeting

As members know, a great deal of effort goes into planning the agenda of the Institute’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The two-day format used over the past few years means that much content, debate and discussion must be squeezed into a narrow timeframe. But as the AGM is PIPSC’s supreme governing body, there can be no cutting back on the productive discussion of important issues. Instead, comments from members received after each AGM allow the Institute to continuously improve its format, and to ensure that it remains fresh and relevant for all delegates.

A key element of any AGM, the process of reviewing potential amendments to By-Laws, policies or budgets is valuable but time-consuming therefore a moderated online forum is available where members are able to review and comment on resolutions that may be debated at AGMs.

The forum promotes a broader awareness amongst all members of important issues before they attend the AGM, and results in a more informed and higher-quality delegate discussion. At the same time, this initiative encourages collaboration on issues of common interest prior to the AGM.

A moderator (Sean O'Reilly, Chair of the Resolutions Sub-Committee) ensures that all submissions meet Institute requirements with regards to content and “tone” before posting. The role of this moderator is NOT to censor submissions, but to ensure a level playing field and a healthy discussion board.

We encourage all members and delegates to visit the discussion forum and to make use of the tools available on the site as they prepare for the 2014 AGM. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments on the process and how it can be made to better serve the needs of the membership.

In Solidarity,
The Resolutions Sub-Committee