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Special Statement from the PIPSC Board of Directors

The current federal government has slashed billions of dollars from public programs and services and will have eliminated 35,000 public service positions by 2017.

It has repeatedly shown its complete lack of support and respect for its own employees – federal public service professionals who serve all Canadians.

This federal government has:

  • concealed dramatic and unnecessary changes to labour legislation in a secretive omnibus budget bill that will force our members into a potential strike position,
  • intentionally misrepresented facts and skewed data, especially in its attack on sick leave,
  • promoted legislation that shows contempt for working men and women, unfairly targets labour organizations, and undermines labour rights that generations have worked and fought to obtain.

This government’s actions and policies have created an exceptional circumstance that requires an exceptional response.

The Institute must take all necessary actions to ensure that Canadians are aware of what is at stake in federal public sector collective bargaining and in the upcoming federal election in 2015.

We must energetically defend and promote federal public services and expose the damage this government has done to these in the run-up to and during the next federal election campaign.

In the coming weeks and months, the Institute must continue to build its capacity for membership engagement and mobilization as well as its capacity to deliver knowledge-driven advocacy in defence of our members’ interests.

More specifically, we will undertake all necessary planning, training and preparation to ensure that our membership is ready for job action.

Adopted November 5, 2014

Publish Date: 08-NOV-2014 02:38 PM