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Candidates for Vice-President in 2014 Institute Election

Lisa Hébab

The Saturday meeting was off to a lively start at 8 a.m. as vice-presidential candidates expressed their views on issues facing PIPSC and the membership.

Candidates responded to questions from the floor of the Annual General Meeting.

Members were invited to contact their AGM delegates directly to suggest any questions they would like to direct to the candidates.

Lisa Hébabi was the moderator.

Members will be able to view this entire Elections Panel session on video in the coming days. It will be posted on the Institute’s website.

View the biographies of the candidates here.



Candidates (left to right): Gary Corbett, Don Burns, Patrick Sioui, Frank Wong, Stéphane Aubry, Al Ravjiani, John Courtney, and Shannon Bittman.

Publish Date: 08-NOV-2014 11:36 AM