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Better Together Initiative

Steve HindleVice-President Steve Hindle introduced a video collage of interviews with PIPSC activists who delivered inspirational messages from their own experiences of the “Better Together” initiative.

Two years ago the Institute launched an initiative that – it’s no exaggeration to say – has transformed our union.

Under the slogan that we are always “Better Together,” PIPSC activists, including many of the AGM delegates, committed themselves to engaging and mobilizing many more members in the purpose and activities of our Institute – including more political engagement in the recent federal election.

The results have been pretty impressive and clearly demonstrate what we’re capable of when we do work together for change and the better.

But we can’t rest on our laurels – member engagement and mobilization will always be needed to ensure we get to where we need to be. Things don’t – and won’t – change on their own.

In the past two years, the Institute has managed -- through the efforts of dozens of active, committed members -- to mobilize hundreds, even thousands, of other members to make change.

Now we need to engage hundreds of members to mobilize tens of thousands of members to realize that change.

Together, we know we can.

Thanks to all our current and active Better Together members – and thank you to all those who are ready today to make the commitment to be more engaged in our union.

We are “Better Together” !

Publish Date: 07-NOV-2015 01:11 PM