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Keynote Speaker – Dr. Linda Duxbury

Steve Hindle

Vice-President Steve Hindle introduces Dr. Linda Duxbury, keynote speaker.

Dr. Linda Duxbury, Professor at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business, delivered a thought-provoking keynote address, entitled “Shattering the Psychological Contract: The Unwritten Rules of the Public Service.”

In the government workplace, Institute members see blatant evidence of pervasive uncertainty, employee isolation, injurious human interaction, and bloodless bureaucratic rigidity. In this light, the public service is sliding from something we were proud of to something we dread because it is claiming the well-being of those of us who work there. We are being asked to do more with less. Mental health claims are skyrocketing. Never has there been a greater need for action.

In her address, Dr. Duxbury made a strong case for a positive change in the nature of the employer-employee relationship with the emphasis on creating a healthy workplace.

Earlier this year, the Institute brought to the bargaining table a standard for a federal government wellness program that would mean support for public service employees and better public services for Canadians. Dr. Duxbury’s work is timely and relevant to that objective and is certain to inspire more discussions at all levels.

In thanking Dr. Duxbury, President Daviau commented: “I think the common ground between all of us here is that we see the need for healthier workplaces so that we can continue to deliver the public services that all Canadians rely on.”

Dr. Duxbury

Dr. Duxbury is an award-winning researcher, writer and speaker on workplace health. She has been honoured for her "pioneering efforts, creativity, innovation and leadership". Dr. Duxbury has significantly advanced the practices and attitudes toward work-life balance, and the development of supportive managers and work environments in Canada.

Publish Date: 06-NOV-2015 03:19 PM